Votive Dance in Japan

Ritual Dances Performed at Shrines and Temples

Votive Dances in Japan

Bugaku & other Regional Traditional Dances

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Votive Dance Performance


Karyou-bin (迦陵頻)

The imaginary b …

Itsuku-shima Gojohraku (厳島五条楽)

Itsuku-shima Go …

Dedication to Nishinomiya Shrine

The owner of th …

Bugaku Dedication at Nishinomiya Shrine

Bugaku dance wi …


About Votive Dances


About Hara-Sho-Kai (原笙会)

Hara-Sho-Kai (原 …

Juni-Hitoe (十二単) — Traditional Female Court Dress

“Juni-Hit …

Shira-Byoshi (白拍子) – Female Dancers in Men’s Clothes

Shira-Byoshi (白 …

Gosechi no Mai-Dance of Maidens

Noble and Elega …

Music Instruments in BUGAKU

“Sho&#822 …

What is Bugaku?

Bugaku (舞楽), li …

  • What Bugaku is like? See the following Youtube movie!
One of the examples of Bugaku Performance (by Harashokai)

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  • 30,000 yen per performance (one dancer with CD music) + travel expenses

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